The Goal

Our mission is celebrate the EV Community and bring the excitement of Electric Vehicles to the greater public.

Built upon the love of Electric Vehicles, and the desire to grow the love

Purpose: The Mission

There has never been a time in the history of our world where such a massive change has been needed to address the global climate crisis. Accelerating the shift to sustainable transportation is significantly important. In addition, we want to share the excitement and pure fun of electric vehicles with everyone. The Electric Vehicle Fall Festival exists as a showcase of the true electric vehicle experience, for owners and non-owners alike. 

What: EV Track Time, EV Ride and Drive, Interactive Vendor Booths, EV Car Show

The EV Fall Fest is more than just a car show, more than a track day, more than the traditional auto show... it's all of them! 

Members of the public who haven't made the shift to being an EV owner will experience a variety of different EV makes and models. These attendees will be able to take rides around the track in a number of owner-provided vehicles, speak with our many vendors and EV owners to get a more rounded understanding of EV ownership. The goal is simple, affect change in the mind and encourage EV adoption to those who haven't made the shift.

EV owners who attend the EV Fall Fest will have a different experience. For these VIPs they will have the opportunity to enter their EV in a car show judged by members of the public, drive at speed around the DR Road Course, and launch down the 1/8th mile drag strip. For EV owners, we want a day packed with the thrill and excitement of EV performance. EV owners will also be encouraged to sign up to be an EV Ambassador and share their experience of EV ownership with non-owner attendees.